Every element of Hip-Hop at one festival

Columbus is home to a lot of great festivals. From festivals that celebrate the community to festivals that show what the area’s music and art scenes have to offer. The lack of the presence of music and art from the hip-hop culture at these events, was obvious. In 2015 we teamed up with a few folks from around the city that had a passion for bringing good hip-hop and all of the elements to light and created 2x2Fest. The 2x2 Hip-Hop Festival is an all day celebration of music & art showcasing some of the best hip-hop music, graffiti art, and break dancing around.

Playing our position

As co-founders of 2x2Fest, we weren’t the only people calling the shots on how to plan, promote and manage the festival. Working to find out what everyone’s strengths were and how we could work together to put on the best hip-hop festival this area had ever seen was a fun and yet challenging task. We focus on the experience and the promotion. Always asking ourselves how we can spread the word in a new and unique way around the Midwest and at the same time how we can give those that attend the festival an incredible experience.

Views Of Branded Promotional Videos

People In Attendance

Elements of Hip-Hop



  • Concept Development

  • Sponsorship Management

  • Day of Event Management

  • Promotional Videos

  • Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

  • Street Team Strategy