Columbus’ Family Cookout

Seriously, another beer festival? We know, we know. There’s a ton of festivals out there dedicated to craft beer. We wanted to take those things that people love and add our own spin to it. Most food focused festivals just have a bunch of food and the same goes for the beer festivals. What about a festival that really brings together the community so that we can enjoy each other’s company while chowing down on some of the best chicken and sipping on some of the best craft beer that Columbus has to offer? The Columbus Chicken & Beer Festival was born out of the need for a festival that really brings people together.

How did it go?

Our good friend and lead vocalist for Mistar Anderson, Eric Rollin, had an idea for a chicken and beer festival a while back, but never made it happen. Thankfully, we love putting it all on the line to try out something new. Partnering up with Rollin was awesome and the inaugural event was a huge hit.

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