A One-Of-A-Kind Program Needs A One-Of-A-Kind Promo Piece

Gerber, LLC isn’t your typical financial advisor. Gerber works with first generation entrepreneurs on finding clarity in your business and in your personal life so that you can work together on reaching your goals. They rolled out a new service to connect with those younger businesses that were still trying to find their balance. The Emerging Entrepreneur Experience is a must-attend 9 month program and we were tasked with coming up with a marketing piece to help spread the word.

Every Step Of The Way

Our goal was to come up with a piece that would be small enough to fit a handful in your pocket while at a networking event, but unique enough to catch the eyes of someone grabbing a drink from their neighborhood cafe. From working with the Gerber team on the concept itself, to finding the right printer that could turn our idea into a reality, Matchbox Ltd was there every step of the way. After a month of searching for the right printer, we were able to send them into production. The Gerber team immediately flooded local coffee shops and co-working spaces with them and the response has been great.


  • Concept Development

  • Print Design

  • Production Assistance

  • Promotional Videos To Reach A Larger Audience