A Gamer’s Paradise

GDEX was started by Multivarious Games in 2012 as a way to showcase some of the best indie game developers in the country. With over 100 games to play and over 50 speakers hosting talks and workshops throughout the weekend, GDEX is no small task to plan, promote and execute.

The team at Multivarious reached out to us about helping them out in 2017. We assisted in promoting the event, planning the weekend and managing certain aspects of the event itself.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

We’ve been organizing our own festivals for a few years and we were use to planning them outside where there was no electricity or even bathrooms at our disposal. Needless to say, planning an event at the Greater Columbus Convention Center was a change of pace for us all. There’s a lot more red tape and guidelines to worry about when organizing an event in a space of this size.

The expo was a huge hit. We put together promotional videos for ads that ran on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that brought in record ticket sales for the 2017 installment. Positive feedback came pouring in online and off and we’ve been asked to join the GDEX team going forward due to the growth and success that we helped achieve during our first time around.

Reached Online Through Promo Videos & Targeted Ads

People In Attendance


Days Of Workshops, Talks & Games


  • Event Promotion

  • Social Media Management

  • Day of Event Management

  • Event Planning

  • Event Recap

  • Street Team Strategy