Bringing More Art & Positive Messages To Schools

Living in the Grandview Heights neighborhood of Columbus has been an incredible experience for founders Danielle & Josh Miller. Working with Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary has been just as amazing. We worked with the art department at RLS to bring a new project to their annual All Arts Day festivities. We wanted something that would look good on the walls of a hallway as well as motivating and inspiring for the students who see it every day.

Making It All Happen

With the idea of a dimensional typography piece that students would paint themselves, it was time to come up with what materials to use and what the piece was going to say. Knowing that students of the school were young (grades k-3) we knew that the messaging had to be simple and the material had to be durable enough for them to splatter paint on. “Just Be You” was the perfect fit. Not too many words and it’s a message that everybody can agree with. We worked with the school to get old books that were outdated as a way to recycle them into the piece. The kids loved it and the piece was awesome.

Great Message

Paint Brushes

Recycled Books

Students Working Together


  • Concept Development

  • Production Of Dimensional Typography Piece

  • Management Of The Project