A Winter Festival In Ohio?

Our goal with Snow Day was to create a winter festival that gave the community something to do in the colder months. With so many summer festivals happening, it seems like December through March is empty for activities that families can get out and enjoy.

Putting The Pieces Together

The concept for Snow Day was to give families a day off from the normal routine and to enjoy all that winter has to offer. Snow ball fights, hot chocolate, arts and crafts, and a ton of fun. Promoting a winter festival in Ohio, a place that’s known for random 60 degree days in January, wasn’t an easy task. We purchased 1,000 artificial snow balls that saved the day since the inaugural event did land on one of those random 60 degree days. Vendors and attendees had a great time and our non-profit partner, BESA, brought a piece of Columbus Kindness Month to Snow Day.

Artificial Snow Balls

People In Attendance

Ways To Give Back With Besa

Cold Season To Celebrate


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